Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Required viewing

Please, go see Michael Moore's latest documentary, Sicko. Ok, ok, so he's kind of a schlub. But he highlights an issue near and dear to my heart, America's lack of standardized health care. It's mighty hilarious, too.


Brian said...

yes yes, errbody needs to see Sicko. It is a must see and a very important issue.

Amy said...

I live where Michael Moore is from. People here aren't real fond of him. I haven't seen Sicko but I have found that his other movies have been gross exaggerations of the facts. I did sorta like the first one but that is the one that made Flint look so bad. He's making a whole lot of money off others misfortunes. With that being said, we truly do need to do something about health care, especially for the elderly and uninsured.