Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Life life life life life life life

Sigh. I'm just ... tired. Whine whine whine whine whine. How about I count my blessings. • Brian • My health • Employment • More to eat than I know what to do with • I live with my sister and niece, and that's fun • The fact there's no way to describe how good God's been to me • Mom, dad, Danny, Beverly, Keena and other family • Brian, Mandy, Ty, Liz, Tiffani, Marissa, Tiara, Holly, Derek and other friends • A place to worship, and the freedom to do so • A working vehicle that carries me wherever I need to go • I'm a woman in the 21st century • Coffee • Traveling, adventure, exploration, discovery • Jazz • Mangos with salt • Words and the ability to read them • Access to medicine, health insurance, herbs, vitamins, green tea, a gluten-free diet, exercise • A bed • Lip balm • Outside • Those random, unexpected encounters that proves God heard your prayers.

Ok, much better. Kthanx.


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Aw. I miss you, Christy.