Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back and black!

Ok not really. I'm just as white as I was since the last time I posted. But I am, in fact, back.

Got a story for you. It was time for an eyebrow wax (BOY was it time). Brian and I stopped off at my favorite Vietnamese nail salon before our run after work yesterday.

Now, my hairy sisters will hear me on this. Getting waxed = getting skinned. Delicate facial skin needs some love after a wax or it'll break out. It gets angry. But I have tactics.

One of them is unscented deodorant gel. I swipe it with my finger and apply to the angry area. Whatever powers it has at killing bacteria also helps keep irritation at bay.

Except this time I applied the gel right before taking a shower. I squeezed my eyes shut, leaned back and rinsed my hair. Then I leaned forward, opened my eyes and ... I had deodorant eyes. It ran into my eyes, and I had dadgum Mitchum For Women on my dadgum eyeballs. It wasn't painful, but anti-moisture product + body part that needs moisture = no can see.

A mini-freakout, 47 eyedrop applications and a day later, I'm still seeing things in soft-focus. But it's better.

My eyebrows look nice.

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Mandy said...

Dang girl!! I coughed up my other lung.... My laugh is sounding like someone who's had one too many cigarettes. This here blogspot is a gem!