Friday, November 20, 2009

Dead magazines I miss

The other day I said in my Facebook status that I missed George, and several FB friends commented with other great defunct magazines. Below is my homage to magazines discontinued in the past decade that I've subscribed to, have fond childhood memories of, remind me of good times or that I simply enjoyed reading.

Click on each name for its respective Wikipedia (or other info) page, and let me know in the comments if I missed any good titles!

Bon App├ętit









PC Magazine


SI for Women

Sports & Fitness


Weekly World NewsWomenSport


Malecia said...

You miss Weekly World News? LOL :o) I never really got into SI for Women. I guess I was so used to the "male" counterpart.

Running the streets and trails of Dallas, Texas! said...

SI for Women was quality. I mainly taped photography/images of female athletes to my wall to inspire me to go outside! Weekly World News ... never bought an issue in my life (swear!) but I miss reading the hilarious headlines while waiting in line at the grocery store. Plus, Holly Warren had the "Bat Boy" cover tacked up in her cubicle. Always gave us a good laugh.

Ty said...

I had no idea some of these magazines were gone, especially JANE! I used to love me some JANE. Is Marie Claire still around. I used to love that too.