Tuesday, September 18, 2007

BPS is going to take away my blog

I've been so absent here because I've been so consumed with the topic of there lately. Let's play catch-up:

• My boy Ty finally got the heck up out of The Dallas Morning News. A fine institution it is, but he was very ready to say (scream, actually) Adios. I'm very happy for him. He starts his new job as a PR guy for a non-profit in downtown. Some of us paper types plus a bit of his crew are going to celebrate at Slip Inn on Thursday night with some old school hip-hop. Hmmm ... you know when you're not fresh meat when the music from your school days can now be considered "old" anything. Whatever. Slip Inn's a good time, mayne.

• My friend Derek has a friend he calls "Stacy from England." She read my spy-cam post below and had Derek hook me up with the next best thing: a Hencam. Not quite sure a chickencam will help me see within myself but, hey, it's worth a try.

• I only get to see my man, Brian, on weekends now that the school he works at has started back up. BLAH! Miss you, baby.

• A co-worker Holly and I attended Inwood Theatre's Midnight Madness movie on Friday. The feature was none other than the CHEESIEST "film" ever cobbled together in the history of the art form, Flash Gordon. And I have to say, it was awesome! It's one of Holly's favorite tongue-in-cheek geek movies (she knew every line ... scary), and I knew I would like it from the premise alone: Flash Gordon and some chick get hurled into outer space and land on a planet whose ruler is going to destroy the earth with "hot hail." Unless, of course, Flash can save the day. I can't even begin to describe the "effects" in this movie. Serioulsy, rent it. Few films are this truly horrible that you'll have a great time laughing everytime you hear the words "hot hail."

Tons more has happened, but it's getting late. Next time, kiddies!


stacy said...

Hi ya, this is 'Stacy from England'
I loved your latest post, especially as im mentioned!!
You've got a great writing style, and im looking forward to regularly reading this blog
Stace xx

Christy said...

Why thank you, Stacy from England! Happy to have you.