Thursday, September 24, 2009

Try this in your morning coffee

The weather here in Texas has been overcast and downright mild, making me excited about the change of season. One of my favorite ways to celebrate the change? Peppermint coffee.

When the weather is cooler, I'm able to find peppermint-flavored coffee beans at the store, or I'll drink peppermint-flavored mochas at Starbucks when I have to. In warmer weather (read: most of the year), the combination is hard to find. Then I thought, What if that useless bottle of peppermint extract I have in the cabinet would work?

It does! Just put a couple of drops right into your brew, and there you have it folks. A yummy, steamy juxtaposition of hot and cool, right in your morning cup.

Find peppermint extract at the grocery store on the baking aisle, alongside the vanilla extract and other flavors.

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Malecia said...

Peppermint also supposedly helps running performance, too! I read that in Runner's World last year, I think. Haven't really tried it.